Why Mobile? Because our apps produce RESULTS!

The simple fact is, your customers have gone mobile and your competitors are going to. 96 million Americans own Smartphone's and another 15.2 million have tablets. That's over 110 million potential customer who demand content in an easy to access mobile ready platform. Those 110 million customers download nearly 1 billion applications a month. Are they downloading your application or your competitors?


Why Go Mobile?

  • More users now connect to the web via their mobile device than through laptops and desktop computers combined.
  • Mobile apps are much easier to navigate on the smaller devices than HTML websites and are more feature rich than a mobile website.
  • A mobile app, once downloaded, becomes part of the users phone, building a mental relationship and loyalty to your firm.

Why Now?

  • Get out in front of your competition. No more fighting and spending countless dollars for exposure on the first page of Google.
  • Immediate exposure in the iPhone App Store and the Android Market.
  • Clients, existing and potential, demand immediate access where ever they are, provide that higher level of service through a smartphone app.

Return on Investment?

  • Stratopy has app packages for all types of firms and to fit all budgets. Everything from law firms, health clubs, restaurants, local interests, product promotions, night clubs, car dealerships, churches, yes, we can create an app for that.
  • All of Stratopy's apps are custom-designed to serve the needs of your clients and to best highlight your firms expertise and areas of practice.
  • Our apps produce results, results you will see on your bottom line. The case study to the left is based on real world number from an actual firm. Results!


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