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Our mission is simple:

"Provide customized mobile applications and solutions to today's businesses to give them the competitive edge they need in all areas."

Whether your business needs an integrated, full featured, enterprise mobile application or a fun, interactive customer engaging game; Stratopy is up to the task.



Stratopy was founded in 2008 with a dedicated purpose: Providing unique and customer centric applications for mobile devices to help today's businesses, large and small, step to the forefront of the digital age. From the President's desk down to our people on the street, we focus our energy on one thing; taking care of our customers by ensuring the utmost in satisfaction.


Our Corporate Office

Our corporate office is located in the heart of the Houston Museum District, where creativity and energy is blooming everywhere. We must admit, it's a wonderful building, just right to keep the creative juices flowing nonstop.




Mobile Strategy...


Innovation is a strategic and powerful differentiator for businesses large and small. Transitioning into mobile technologies can be challenging, but when properly executed mobile innovation can accelerate business growth, improve operations, and enhance customer satisfaction.

App Development...


Our process focuses on developing unique, customer-centric, and exceptional custom applications in a cost effective and timely manner. Our design process begins by fully understanding the unique expectations and desires for your mobile application. A dedicated project manager will direct the definition, development, testing and deployment of your application from start to finish. Furthermore, after your application has successfully launched, a dedicated client manager will be assigned to provide support, promotion, and management of the long-term operation of your application.

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The Bottom line - Mobile applications are not just for playing games anymore! Applications can manage operations, market directly to your consumers, and provide the high tech edge that today's marketplace demands.

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The Stratopy team is certainly ready to put our creative and innovative talents to work on your unique application.  

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Innovation is about people developing increasingly intelligent, creative, and customer centric products which accelerate business growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

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